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We’ve talked a lot about water in this blog, but it should be said that before kids can understand water conservation, they have to understand just how much water they use on a daily basis. Here’s an activity borrowed from our educator’s guide, My Green Community, to help kids keep track of water use.

People often don’t realize how much water they use on a daily basis. Try asking a 4 year-old, “Have you used water today?” Unless he or she has had a drink of water, the answer will be no, until you explicitly ask, “what about brushing your teeth or washing your hands?!”

Ask the class to brainstorm, then draw or list all the ways they have used water today. The following day, have students keep track of these things throughout the day. This is a great opportunity to introduce tallying. How many times a day do they turn on a faucet or drink from a fountain? Have students carry around a sheet and tally these activities throughout the day.

After students are in the habit of keeping track of daily water use, extend the activity to include products that need water to grow or function properly. For example, rain water helped grow the banana you are eating and irrigation helped grow the cotton used to make your t-shirt. Water cools the engine of the bus or car you rode to school. Once students realize how omnipresent water is in their daily lives, they will be more mentally prepared for talk about water conservation.

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