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We’ve talked about some activities and curriculum to introduce transportation into your classroom. Here are three books that would go great with a class subway ride!

Subway by Anastasia Suen and Karen Katz is a rhyming and repetition book for Early Childhood. The book uses bright illustrations to follow a little girl and her Mom on their journey through the subway. Each page covers one part of the bustling sensory experience that is an MTA ride.

Subway Sparrow by Leyla Torres tell a simple lovely story of an English-speaking girl, a Spanish-speaking man, and a Polish speaking woman working together to free a Sparrow who is trapped inside a subway car…great for English-language learners!

Subway Story by Julia Sarcone-Roach is sort of a modern Thomas the Tank Engine tale. The book follows a subway car named Jesse who loves her job very much, but her path takes a surprise turn when after 50 years of subway service she gets repurposed for an excited new use…to serve as artificial reef to a myriad sea animals!

Read more about the booming success of this true to life subway reef project. It seems that the only problem Jesse has is that she doesn’t have enough friends to join her as a reef!

You probably can’t take your class for a visit to the subway reefs but you can visit another place that has been repurposed from its train-lined past.

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