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Earlier, we mentioned available grants for watershed education projects. In addition to those, the NYC Department of Environmental Protection is offering grants specifically for watershed forestry bus tours. Grants are available to cover day and overnight programs.

According to their website, grants are available to schools for 4-12th grade student trips, colleges and universities, youth groups, and other organizations within New York City or the Catskill/Delaware and Croton watersheds. Applications are due by January 15, 2012, so if you have an idea, find out more on the DEP’s website.

The after school program here at Brooklyn Children's Museum did a tree survey recently; what would you do with a forest field trip?

Tomorrow, we’re back to the idea of waste management with a post about what do with an extra evergreen tree you may have laying around your house.


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Are you teaching about water in New York City or the West-of-Hudson (WOH) watershed? If so, consider applying for a 2012-2013 grant from the Catskill Watershed Corporation. Grants are offered in partnership with the NYC Department of Environmental Protection and are intended to support

“education projects and programs that help increase awareness of the human and natural history of the WOH Watershed and the New York City water supply system; the critical role of communities in caring for water quality in the watershed, the importance of water conservation,the history and contemporary use and operation of the vast water system, or the cultural and biological diversity of the city’s WOH Watershed.”

In particular, they are looking for proposals that will lead to education about the causes and impacts of flooding or climate change.

Maybe you want to study green roofs and their relationship with Combined Sewage Overflows. Maybe you want to look at how weather and climate are changing in and around New York City and how that affects waterways. Maybe you have an idea for a new way to explain the water cycle to your students and want the funding to be able to do so.

Or perhaps you want the money to enable your students to participate in existing programs, including trips to environmental education centers, cultural programs, Trout in the Classroom or classroom models for teaching about water quality.

For more information, consult the Catskill Watershed Corporation’s website or call 845-586-1400, ext. 29 (toll-free 877-WAT-SHED) to obtain an application packet by mail. Questions may also be directed to galusha@cwconline.org. Grant proposals are due by Wednesday, February 1, 2012.

What water project would you do with your students if you had funding?

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Interested in food, farms, and gardening? Check out this upcoming event and then an upcoming deadline:

Upcoming Event: Annual Meeting of the Environmental Education Advisory Council



The rise of the urban agriculture movement has brought unprecedented interest in city soil, green spaces, and the great outdoors. Following the EEAC annual meeting, panelists will present the past, present and future possibilities of the role of city farming as a strong-arm of Environmental Education in the urban context.

Location: NYU at Kimball Hall, 1st Floor Lounge, at 246 Greene Street

For directions: http://www.nyu.edu/footer/map.html and to RSVP, email Judith Hutton: judithutton@gmail.com

Upcoming Deadline: Grow to Learn Mini-Grant

Grow to Learn NYC offers mini-grants of up to $2,000 to start a garden at your school. The next deadline is November 30, 2011, so check out their website to find out how your school can take advantage of this opportunity.

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