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During spring break next week, BCM is teaming up with Capstone Wireless to collect old and used cell phones (and accessories) to help reduce e-waste in New York and around the world. E-waste is one of the largest and most toxic polluters. In many countries, the process of recycling or disposing of electronics puts workers and communities at serious health risk. Precious metals can be harvested and sorted from old electronics but if not done safely, the process of reclaiming these metals from computers, televisions, cell phones, and other electronics can release dangerous toxins directly into the air and into ground water sources.

We can help by making sure our electronics are recycled in a responsible and safe way. Capstone has e-steward certification meaning that they display a “commitment to best management practices for electronics recycling and reuse”. Read more about e-steward certification here. Watch this video about the global problem of e-waste and how the e-stewards program is trying to help.

Remember, a great way to reduce e-waste is to consume less to begin with! Choose to get your electronics repaired before rushing out for that new upgrade. If your visiting the museum or just in the neighborhood from April 7th-15th, come contribute your old cell phones and accessories to our collection bin in the lobby.

If you have other e-waste to recycle, check out the Lower East Side Ecology Center’s new E-waste Warehouse in Gowanus where any New York resident, small businesses, or non-profit organizations can drop-off unwanted electronics for free.

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