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We hope you’ve enjoyed our past few posts on biomimicry. There will be lots of opportunities to study surreal adaptations at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum this summer.

On June 3rd, we’ll be taking a close look at Phantastic Phasmids, the masters of camouflage of the insect world. Kids will get to interact with stick bugs and build their own leaf insect model.

Curious how nocturnal animals thrive in the dark hours? Join us on June 17th for Creatures of the Night where we’ll explore the adaptations that help night prowling moths, hedgehogs, bats and snakes navigate the dark.

On July 26th, we’re going to focus on Teeth, Jaws, Fang, Baleen! How are different animals’ mouths perfectly suited to eating their favorite prey? Kids can decorate their own toothbrushes to keep their chompers clean!

Join us for Mimicry, Schmimicry on August 16th and 19th when we’ll learn about tricky animals that have adapted to look like their scarier, more dangerous co-habitants.

Stay tuned as we highlight our favorite animal quirks!


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